Richard Caldicott · Chance/Fall (11)

Color photography (2010)
Reproduced on 100% Silk · Limited Edition of 50 · Size: 131 X 107 cm 

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Dimensions: 0 cm × 107 cm × 131 cm

FILED UNDER questions the demands raised on images. The first project Silk Prints examines the supposed contradiction between image and object, the ambivalence of the distinct images and its manifestation as produced object. This dichotomy in the realization of the images, as being able to be touched and experienced, is stressed by the usage of silk prints.
Moreover, Richard Caldicotts works try along Donald Judd’s “specific object” to extinguish this contradiction of subject and object. Judd’s thesis regarding the “specific object” freed the viewer from the constructed and imposed semantic level, which was for so long so implicit to European art. Regarding Judd’s ideas also Caldicott searches to free his works from a psychological and subjective perception. For more than 15 years he is exploring the boundaries between subject and object in photography, painting and sculpture. His photographs turn to an independent object. Especially his 2010 series “Chance/Fall” shows that the process of finding the image turns more experimental and spontaneous. “This new series of photographs came about through my interest in work that could almost generate itself, where the hand of the artist is less involved in the composition.” (Caldicott 2011) He also wanted to make work that touched on the kinetic, that had a sense of movement and was ethereal and timeless. (Text: Florence Baur) 

The british artist Richard Caldicott, born 1962 in Leicester, lives and works in London. Recent exhibtions include amongst others Hamilton, London (2009) and Galerie f5,6, Munich (2007). His works are represented in many public collections such as BP Amoco, Sir Elton John Collection, Goss|Michael Foundation Dallas, The Peter C. Ruppert Collection, Sammlung Ann und Jürgen Wilde, Kunstmuseum Bonn, Museum im Kulturspeicher, Würzburg amongst others.