Abbas Kowsari · Halabche (Journeys to Kurdistan)

Color photography (2003)
Reproduced on 100% Silk · Limited Edition of 75 · Size: 107 x 151 cm 

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Dimensions: 0 cm × 151 cm × 107 cm
a manifest by Jina Khayyer
the beauty of hypocrisy
follow the movement
follow us
power to the people – people of all ranks
use it, your power
against other people
you are alone
think about yourself
fight your war
join the beauty of hypocrisy
it is with you – always; everywhere; forever
the beauty of hypocrisy
smarter than communism
more honest than democracy
be a good hypocrit and you will be rich
richer then any man
richer then any woman
the beauty of hypocrisy
arm yourself
choose your weapons
hoist the flag
Both, the artist Abbas Kowsari and the writer Jina Khayyer are proud Iranians – The Islamic Republic of Iran – one of the world leading countrys to display hypocrisy.
Abbas Kowsari, was born 1970 in Tehran, where he still lives and works. Recent exhibtions include amongst others Morono Kiang Gallery, Los Angeles Somerset House, London and Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco. His photos have been published in The New York Times, Time magazine, Paris Match, Der Spiegel ...