Martin Fengel · M06

Color photography (2004)
Reproduced on 100% Silk · Limited Edition of 50 · Size: 129 X 107 cm

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Dimensions: 0 cm × 107 cm × 129 cm

"Martin Fengel has a benevolent gaze. He sinks down gently onto things, he strokes the edge of the table and rests briefly on the coloured board, he touches the strange egg carefully, then comes his gaze, and he puts it down again straight away. This gaze is benevolent because he leaves things as they are; this gaze is lovely because he is happy and astonished that these things even exist." Georg Diez

Photographer Martin Fengel was born in Munich, Germany in 1964. He is represented by the Nusser & Baumgart Gallery. Recent exhibitions include Rathausgalerie Munich (2010), SK Stiftung, Köln (2009), Fotomuseum Munich (2008) and Goethe Institut London (2007). He works for ZEIT Magazin, Süddeutsche Zeitung, VICE and directs together with Tom Ising the agency Herburg Weiland. In 2010 he was commissioned to produce a permanent art installation for the subway station Moosach in Munich and he is currently a visiting lecturer at Muthesius Kunsthochschule in Kiel.

Subway art installation by Martin Fengel, Munich, 2010
Exibition at Fotomuseum, Munich, 2008